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NEW -- 9/8/05 -- Dues are currently $12.00/year, for four issues of The Rose Letter. If you paid $15.00 for a year's membership you will automatically receive one additional issue of The Rose Letter.

Dues are renewable on a quarterly basis, depending on when you join. Overseas memberships are served by First Class Air-mail and are $26.00 for the year, payable in U.S. funds.

To join, please refer to the map to for the location and address of your Regional Coordinator. Send dues directly to her/him. Checks should be made out directly to the Coordinator. If you are joining from outside the U.S., dues may be sent to any one of the Coordinators.

Clicking on the Coordinator's name in each region will generate an email message.

North East:

07 Redwood Lane, State College, PA, 16801 
North Central:

W. 6365 Wald Rd., Monroe, WI  53566
North West:  

818 Adams St., Albany, CA  94706
South Central AND South East:

1007 Highland Ave., Houston, TX  77009

818 Adams St., Albany, CA  94706

A Special South-Western Offering:

The South/West also offers a regional newsletter, The Old Roser's Digest, written by HRG Founder, Miriam Wilkins. The Old Roser's Digest is available for an additional $2/year (for 2 issues). To subscribe, include the extra funds in your check for regular yearly dues. Send it to the South/West Coordinator, Kristina Osborn.

A sample newsletter may be obtained by sending $2.50 to the EDITOR, Jeri Jennings, at 22 Gypsy Lane, Camarillo, CA, 93010-1320 or contact her at:

General inquiries about the organization, especially for publication in magazines, should be directed to the SECRETARY, Bev Dobson, 916 Union Street #302, Alameda, CA 94501.

Join HRG

We invite you to join us in the Heritage Roses Group. Please send the following information to your Regional Coordinator along with your check (payable in US dollars). Checks should be made out to the Regional Coordinator in your area. Print out this page and mail it and your check directly to the Coordinator in your region.

Phone: Work___________________________Home___________________________ 
Organization Affiliation/Area of Interest_____________________________________

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