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September 2005


Each month, Garden Docent Judi Danner takes photographs of what's blooming all around the garden. Judi generously shares her photos and her extensive knowledge  at the Garden Docents and Volunteers monthly meeting and now shares them here with all of you. Thank you, Judi!

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Species:  Pittosporum rhombifolium

Common name:  Queensland Pittosporum

Family:  Pittosporaceae

Region of Origin:  Australia

Location in Garden:  Allen Gate

Notes: Clusters of orange berries. You will see these lining Del Mar between Pasadena and Kinneloa in Altadena


Species:  Plumbago auriculata

Common name:  Cape Plumbago, Leadwort

Family:  Plumbaginaceae

Region of Origin:  South Africa

Location in Garden:  Near Allen Gate

Notes: Blue flowers


Species:  Chorisia insignis

Common name:  Floss Silk Tree

Family:  Bombacaceae

Region of Origin:  Brazil

Location in Garden:  West perimeter near Allen Gate

Notes: Related to Kapok. Inside of the pods are long fibers with seeds


Species:  Cortaderia selloana

Common name:  Pampas Graass

Family:  Poaceae

Region of Origin:  Argentina

Location in Garden:  Arboretum-Car Park

Notes: This is a relative of the Chubata Grass that is a serious weed on the California coast.


Species:  Ziziphus jujuba

Common name:  Chinese Jujube

Family:  Rhamnaceae

Region of Origin:  Eastern Asia

Location in Garden:  Aboretum Car Park EII-FII

Notes: Sometimes called the Chinese Date, but it is not related botanically to the Date. The fruit is very high in Vitamin C and amino acids. It is a very popular ingredient in herbal tonics. The fruit here is not yet ripe. It will be reddish brown when ripe. It has a very sweet, apple-like flavor.


Species:  Leucophyllum frutescens

Common name:  Texas Ranger, Texas Sage, Cenizo

Family:  Scrophulariaceae

Location in Garden:  Near Handicapped Parking Area

Notes: Silver grey leaves and lavender flowers.


Species:  Callistemon 'Little John'

Common name:  Bottlebrush

Family:  Myrtaceae

Location in Garden:  Entrance

Notes: Very low-growing with smaller red flowers.


Species:  Chorisia speciosa

Common name:  Floss Silk Tree

Family:  Bombacaceae

Region of Origin:  South America

Location in Garden:  Entrance

Notes: Pinky-rose colored flowers. Notice the lines to direct insects to the pollen. The pods look a little like avocados, but there is no flesh inside, just fibers and seed.


Species:  Lagerstroemia indica

Common name:  Crape Myrtle

Family:  Lythraceae

Region of Origin:  China

Location in Garden:  Entrance

Notes: Very good trees for the hot summer regions. Close to the ocean they get mildew.

Species:  Quercus robur

Common name:  English Oak

Family:  Fagaceae

Region of Origin:  England

Location in Garden:  In front of Munger Building

Notes: Two newly planted trees. Deciduous with larger leaves.


Species:  Arbutus unedo

Common name:  Strawberry Tree

Family:  Ericaceae

Region of Origin:  Southern Europe, Ireland

Location in Garden:  Entrance

Notes: Found mainly in countries bordering the Mediterranean. In Portugal, the berries are used to flavor a liqueur known as Madrove. There is an isolated population of groves in Killarney in the far west of Ireland, probably due to the severing effect of glaciation. Arbutus is a very ancient genus shown by its distribution in western North America and southern Europe. These five trees were in 36 inch boxes when they were planted in 1981. They are evergreen.

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