The Huntington Botanical Gardens

What's In Bloom

October 2005

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Species:? Punica granatum 'Nana'

Common name:? Dwarf Pomegranate

Family:? Punicaceae

Location in Garden:? Arboretum Car Park, GI

Notes: Fairly small shrub. The right picture shows the fruit and the flower.

Species:? Lagerstroemia indica

Common name:? Crape Myrtle

Family:? Lythraceae

Region of Origin:?China

Location in Garden:? Arboretum Car Park

Notes: These like our dry, warm summers here. They do very well in the heat. When they grow near the ocean, they get mildewed.

Species:? Jacaranda mimosifolia seedpod

Family:? Bignoniaceae

Location in Garden:? Arboretum Car Park


Species:? Chorisia speciosa

Common name:? Floss Silk Tree

Family:? Bombacaceae

Region of Origin:? Brazil

Location in Garden:? Entrance, by the coffee cart

Notes: Rose-pink flowers. Red lines to direct the insects.


Species:? Arbutus unedo

Common name:? Strawberry Tree

Family:? Ericaceae

Region of Origin:? Mediterranean and Killarney, Ireland

Location in Garden:? Entrance

Notes: Tiny, white bell-shaped flowers. Edible, but seedy, fruit. People like to make jellies or jams of this fruit. These five trees were in 30 inch boxes before they were planted here in August of 1981 when the Entrance Pavilion was completed.


Species:? Ruellia ciliosa

Family:? Acanthaceae

Region of Origin:? Southeast U.S.

Location in Garden:? Entrance

Notes: Pale blue flowers. Under European Fan Palm.


Species:? Stenocarpus sinuatus

Common name:? Firewheel Tree

Family:? Proteaceae

Region of Origin:? Australia

Location in Garden:? Entrance, Footnote Patio

Notes: Red-orange wheel-like flowers. People waiting for a tour may wonder what this red flower is. Called Firewheel because the flowers resemble little wheels.


Species:? Encephalartos arenarius

Common name:? Cycad

Family:? Zamiaceae

Location in Garden:? Entrance, by the bamboo

Notes: Female cones which contain orange seeds. It takes several months (as much as six months) to ripen. It does not produce a big cone every year. It's wind pollinated.


Species:? Arenga engleri

Common name:? Formosa Palm

Family:? Arecaceae

Region of Origin:? Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan

Location in Garden:? Palm Garden

Notes: Large fruit cluster.

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Species:? Syagrus romanzoffiana

Common name:? Queen Palm

Family:? Areacaceae

Region of Origin: Argentina, Brazil

Location in Garden:?Palm Garden.

Notes: Fruit clusters hanging down and a lot of fruit on the ground. Named after Romanzoff who was the first one to grow it in cultivation. Leaves are pinnate (feather-like).

Species:? Mammillaria glassii var. siberiensis

Family:? Cactaceae

Region of Origin:? Mexico

Location in Garden:? Desert Conservatory

Notes: Pale pink flowers


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