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The Shakespeare Garden

Volunteering in The Shakespeare Garden

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the Shakespeare Garden:

  • Docents conduct tours and answer questions during the hours that the Huntington Gardens are open
  • Every Thursday, Volunteers meet in the garden to plant, prune, and clean up the garden
  • On First Thursday, Docents and Volunteers meet to study Shakespeare.  Past activities included lectures, films and reading sonnets
  • The Rose and Perennial Garden newsletter, Subrosa, is a place for writers and photographers to share their talents
  • Volunteers are involved in the planning, preparation for, and hosting of special events in the Shakespeare Garden
  • Special projects sponsored by the Curator are always available for Volunteers, including activities such as updating catalogs and developing educational materials

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mikki Heydorff, Volunteer Programs Manager, by email at or by phone at 626-405- 2126.


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