Charles Quest-Ritson, Climbing Roses of the World , Timber Press, 2003

Illustrated, 306 pages, a scholarly survey of climbing roses.

Graham Stuart Thomas, The Rose Book , Saga Press/Timber Press, Portland, OR, 1994

Includes The Old Shrub Roses , Shrub Roses of Today , and Climbing Roses Old and New Graham Thomas' classic trilogy on roses.

Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix, Roses , Random House, NY, 1988

Illustrated with over 1400 full-color photographs of all types of roses.

Roger Phillips & Martyn Rix, The Quest for the Rose , Random House, NY, 1993

Heavily illustrated with Roger Phillips' stunning photographs from around the world.

Clair G. Martin, 100 English Roses for the American Garden , Workman Press, NY, 1997

Clair G. Martin, 100 Old Roses for the American Garden , Workman Press, NY, 1999

Mary Louise Flint & John F. Karlik, Healthy Roses , University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources, Oakland, CA, 2000

The subtitle to this book is "Environmentally Friendly Ways to Manage Pests and Disorders in Your Garden and Landscape" could you ask for more?

Informative and well illustrated with both the bad and good bugs.


Clair Martin -- 14 January 2004