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The Rose Garden

Inventory and Bed Maps

During the Fall of 2004, we completed a new inventory of all of the rose bushes in the garden.  In addition to a list of their locations, we have also placed the bushes on maps of each bed.  These maps have been updated to reflect our plantings this winter and spring.  The inventory listings are in the process of being updated and will match the bed maps within a few days.

Click on the links below to download PDF files of the complete listing of cultivars and their locations in the garden, sorted in various ways:

Inventory by Cultivar Inventory by Bed
Inventory by Classification Inventory by Year of Introduction
Inventory by Color Inventory of Fragrant Roses


Click on the links below to download PDF files of each of the beds (updated 4/8/05):

Bed 1 East Bed 14 Beds 25 and 15 S
Bed 1 West Beds 15 N and 15S Beds 26 and 28
Beds 2 and 3 Bed 16 Bed 30
Beds 4, 5, 6, and 7 Bed 17 Bed 31
Bed 8 Bed 18 Beds 32 and 33 East
Bed 9 East Bed 19 Beds 32 and 33 West
Bed 9 West Bed 20 Beds 34 and 35
Bed 10 Bed 21 Bed 36
Bed 11 Bed 22 Bed 37
Bed 12 Beds 23 and 29 Beds 38 and 40
Bed 13 Beds 24 and 15 N Bed 39


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