Number 43   July - August 2005


By Melissa Umbro


I have not known life in the Rose Garden apart from them; but, along with my seventeen classmates, have been introduced to a new addition to our display table in the Rose Garden. New tools are always exciting, especially when you are a new addition yourself! The new tools getting all this marvelous press coverage are the bud vases now being used to exhibit a selection of blooms. They have already proven to be a major attraction to our visitors, as well as giving we Docents a chance to familiarize ourselves with the location by bed of the roses.

The vases are a part of the grand vision, that visitors will feel welcome, and leave more fully informed by visiting with us. As our visitors scan the hundreds of roses in bloom, they are nonetheless tugged to the few that have been selected from the hundreds, to sit primly on the table as though boasting of some particular status. These chosen roses, in the miniature vases, have magnetic appeal. While the blue vase accomplishes something similar (and should continue to be used), these new vases, provide many points of entry into conversation; not to mention the fact that the vases and labels highlight the differences in roses about which so many people ask questions. Once you have visitors? attention, you may then share all the wealth you have to offer, telling a story or two about the selected roses. Meanwhile, it seems the visitors are quite interested in sniffing them at first.

You will find the vases in the shed near the box of Rose Garden materials. There are six vases in total and a specially constructed display holder. With featured cultivars, comes the need for labeling. So, Priscilla Wardlow has provided fabulous laminated labels, ranging in description from ?Fragrant? to ?Hybrid Tea? to ?Rugosa? to ?Shakespeare Garden.? If, for some reason you can?t find what you?re looking for, flip one over and create your own label. When you journey through the garden to gather the chosen ones of the day, be sure to make note of the bed number, name, and classification, all of which you should write on one of the labels with a dry erase pen. Display the label in front of the corresponding rose (to back up a few steps, the labels are found in the box inside the purple pouch). Be sure you add water to each vase. Use of the larger blue vase to carry the water from the tap to the table is a great help and reminds us to also provide a bouquet in it.

Please be sure to make use of these vases, selecting various blooms, and displaying them. May you find yourselves gathering treasures for others to enjoy, and may you enjoy the privilege of selecting them?

Melissa Umbro, Rose/Shakespeare Gardens Docent, Class of 2005


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