Number 43   July - August 2005


By Bea Whyld

Our last Docent/Volunteer meeting for the 2004/2005 fiscal year, held on June 13, was one (as they all are) of variety and interest. After Judi Danner?s ?What?s In Bloom? and the normal business of the day, an event very important to the Rose/Shakespeare Gardens organization and to The Huntington occurred.

Sylvia Clark, Emina Darakjy, Katarina Eriksson, Miki Heydorff, Clair Martin, and Priscilla Wardlow presented diplomas, red badges and roses to the following eighteen new Docents:

Yumi Branstad, Monica Caliri, Donna Dempsey, Rosemary Duncan, Claudia Elmes, Marcia Harrington, Maureen Hearn, France Hughes-Meindi, Becky Katayama, Elizabeth Lane, Nancy Martin, George Mulfinger, Maria Portello, Steve Schneider, Rod Shingu, Anne Shirvanian, Victor Suzuki, Melissa Umbro.

We would like to welcome each of you into the Rose/Shakespeare Gardens Docent organization and The Huntington family.

The meeting was followed by the annual luncheon on the Terrace where everyone was able, along with the festivities, to congratulate our most recent additions to The Huntington world.

Bea Whyld, Subrosa Editor

P.S. Please note, this edition of Subrosa contains an article by new Docent Melissa Umbro. Obviously, we have a ?hands on? group who will be seasoned veterans when we all meet at our next monthly gathering on September 12, 2005.


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