Number 41   March - April 2005


By Clair Martin

Nearly five years in creation, the Rose Garden Bed Maps and Inventory of Roses are both now available on The Huntington website. Thanks to our dedicated Volunteers and a lot of hard work we now have an up-to-date list of all the roses in the collection. The Inventory is posted in six different formats, sorted by Cultivar, Classification, Color, Bed, Year of Introduction, and Fragrance. Visitors now may search the Color list for 'mauve' or 'dark red' roses and the Classification list for all the Polyantha roses growing in the garden. The Inventory was built using Microsoft's Excel software but posted in Adobe PDF, a format that anyone can view. Each Inventory is printable, but given their size of thirty-three pages each, many website visitors may elect to just use the online version.

The Rose Garden Bed Maps were formatted utilizing an accurate survey of the Rose Garden from which individual beds then were scanned into a computer. Using another Microsoft program, PowerPoint, our Computer Maven, Priscilla Wardlow, placed each cultivar in its position in the correct bed. Individual bed maps are also offered in the Adobe PDF format and are enlargeable and printable as well.

For the first time, someone searching for a particular rose cultivar can find in which bed a rose is planted by searching the Inventory; then by going to the appropriate map, find the exact location of that cultivar in the Rose Garden. For the first time ever, Staff, Docents, Volunteers and visitors now have the tools at hand to search the Rose Garden as never before.

These invaluable resources are now available to everyone with a computer by visiting The Huntington website at: Once on The Huntington home page click on the Botanical Garden link on the right side of the page. On the Botanical Garden page scroll down to the Rose Garden link and click on it. On the left side of the Rose home page click on Inventory and Bed Maps and you are there.

The Inventory and Bed Map page has a large map showing the locations of all the Rose Garden beds. All maps are stored in PDF files and one only needs a copy of Adobe's free Reader program to be able to open these files. If you don't already have the free reader downloaded on your computer you can get it by going to the Adobe website at: and clicking on the Get Adobe Reader link on the lower left side of their home page.

If you would like to enlarge individual maps simply go to the tool bar on the top of the page and click on the magnifying icon and then move your curser back to the map and left click until the map is the size you want. A right click will give you a drop down menu that allows you to return to the original map size. Another handy tool is the hand shaped icon; clicking on it will allow you to drag the maps into the center of your monitor avoiding having to scroll back and forth to view an enlarged map all at the same time.

Technology can be a wonderful tool but it takes dedicated people to create, update, and maintain this marvel of our new world. The Rose pages have been expanded and are now providing both Volunteers and visitors with a tremendous resource at their fingertips. The Inventory and updated Bed Maps continue to be available in the Docent Resource Book for garden use but don't forget to mention to our visitors that they can now view these same resources at home on their own computer 24/7.

Clair Martin, E. L. and Ruth B. Shannon Curator of the Rose and Perennial Gardens

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