Number 39    November - December 2004


By Mikki Heydorff and Clair Martin

From time-to-time a review of Docent and Volunteer check-in and check-out procedures appears to be called for.

All Herb/Rose/Shakespeare Docents and Volunteers and Rose Workshop Volunteers should have a Huntington number assigned by Mikki Heydorff, Volunteer Programs Coordinator. If you do not have this number, please see Clair Martin, Curator or Katarina Eriksson, Head Gardener, who will supply you with the form to be completed and forwarded to Mikki. You will then be assigned a number--this number, along with your name, should be involved in every sign-in/out. It also insures that you are receiving all pertinent publications and invitations.

Procedures For Sign-In/Out

There are two computers available for this function. One is located in the Docent/Volunteer room at the entrance to The Huntington. The second is located in the Johnson Volunteer Room in the lower level of the Botanical Center. All participants should be signing in and out on one of these during the week.

The Welcome Screen
Enter Your Volunteer Number
Choose Which Task for Today
Confirm Your Information

On Saturday, the computer in the Docent/Volunteer Room at the entrance is available. The computer in the Johnson Volunteer Room is not. To compensate for this, a sign-in sheet is maintained on the first floor of the Botanical Center, in back of the Curators? offices right under the mailboxes. The information recorded there is then input to the computer by Mikki.

On Sunday neither computer is available. Both buildings are locked. Therefore, on Sunday everyone should sign in and out on the form maintained at the Information window located in the kiosk at the entrance to The Huntington. This is also input to the system by Mikki.

In addition, Docents who volunteer in our Gardens should always complete the form that is maintained in each supply cabinet. Your time in and out should be recorded there, as well as the number of visitors to The Huntington with whom you have meaningful conversation. This information is reported to Mikki Heydorff on a monthly basis and is critical to many programs in which we are all involved and the funding that is often needed to carry out our plans..

When a crisis may prevent either or both computers being available, the paper sign in/out procedure should be followed.

If you have any questions concerning these procedures, please advise so we can insure that all pertinent information is being correctly recorded.

Mikki Heydorff, Volunteer Programs Coordinator,
Clair Martin, Curator, Rose and Perennial Gardens

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