Number 38    September - October 2004





10:30 AM TO 4:30 PM


The Huntington Fall Plant Sale -- Main Parking Lot -- Jacaranda Walk

Believe it or not but Fall is one of the best times of the year to plant! Here in Southern California the days are clear and the soil is still warm enough to encourage good root growth. The Fall Plant Sale will have a good selection of roses and other blooming plants for your home garden, just in time for Fall planting.

Fall Rose Festival?Huntington Rose, Shakespeare, & Herb Garden

Fall is a great time in the Rose Garden to view thousands of roses in bloom. Now that the stress of our hot summer is over many roses break out in glorious bloom before going into winter dormancy. The Tea and China roses in our garden are especially fine at this time of the year.


Throughout the day Rose Garden Docents and Volunteers will be available to answer your questions about the garden and growing roses and lead tours of the Huntington's Rose & Shakespeare Gardens. Come and participate in hands-on Workshops scheduled throughout the day on various topics of rose cultivation and care. Two Curator Walks are scheduled each day, highlighting special rose collections in the garden.

10:30 am Open
11:00 -- 4:00 Family Activities
  Making Rose Potpourri -- Families & Children of All Ages
  Rose Painting -- Pretend you are the Queen of Hearts & Paint a Rose on the Wall of Honor
  Rose Treasure Hunt -- Families & Children of All Ages
11:00 Curator Tour: English Rose Collection
12:00 pm Workshop: Deadheading
12:30 Workshop: Propagating Roses for Fun
1:30 Workshop: Extending the Life of Cut Roses
2:00 Curator Tour: China & Tea Rose Collection
3:00 Workshop: Deadheading
3:30 Workshop: Self-Pegging Shrub Roses
4:30 Close


Tickets for the Great Rosarians of the World Annual Lecture on Sunday, January 23, 2005 will go on sale on November 1st. We will be offering a Member's discount to Huntington Members and Rose Society members. We are also offering a new ticket package that includes the Saturday evening dinner, buffet lunch and ticket to the Lecture on Sunday. We will have more information in November.


It's in! We now have a completed map and catalog of The Huntington Rose Garden collection. Thanks to our intrepid Volunteers, each rose bed has been mapped and an alphabetical list generated for you and our visitors' edification. Now when someone asks you if we have the rose 'Kitchener of Khartoum' you can look it up in the list and check the maps for bed 20 to see where it resides. We are going to be and look so smart!

Combine this information with that available in the copy of the Combined Rose List in the Docent Rose Box and not only will our Docents and Volunteers be able to direct visitors to the rose of their dream but also were they can order the rose for their own garden.

This mapping project has also allowed us to clean up our file records and generate label orders to replace broken and missing plastic plant labels for the garden.

My deepest appreciation goes to all those who have assisted me in this interminable project. Nancy Ferguson, Marty Burkard, Bea Whyld, Myriam Hu, Dorothy Fansler, Lisa Oddone, Priscilla Wardlow, Charlene Bradley, Kathy Cooper, Jewell West, Kerstin Koblik, and Penny White have all contributed in their own way, by crawling through the rose beds with clipboard in hand, in seeing this project to fruition. A time consuming and dirty job but again our Volunteers came through and now, with the dedication of Priscilla, it is all entered onto the computer and we have a complete collection.

If you want the bed maps and list for yourself, we will offer it on a disk that you can then load and view or print from your own computer. Preorder your copy for $5.00 by email to for pickup from Clair's desk in three to four weeks. Payment can be made when picking up your copy.



The Rose Workshop meets on the third Saturday of each month, unless noted otherwise, at 9:30 in Banta Hall in the Botanical Complex. We will be propagating roses for the sale at the Great Rosarians Lecture in January and cleaning up and potting roses in the nursery.

Our next meetings will be held on Saturday, September 18th and Saturday, October 16th.

Anyone who would like to participate is welcome. Please wear garden appropriate clothing and shoes and bring your own gloves and pruners.

Looking for a fun way to learn more about rose growing, then the Huntington Rose Workshop may be just your cup of tea.



I am happy to announce Bea and Bill Jennings have returned to Co-Chairing the Herb Garden Docent organization. I know the new Co-Chairs will have the complete cooperation of all the Docents and Volunteers in our organization.

I would like to thank Eileen Felbinger for her years of leadership and hard work. In spite of a busy work schedule and a long commute, Eileen will remain an active Docent in the Herb Garden.

The next time you see Bea, Bill, and Eileen please take a moment to give them your thanks and congratulations for jobs well done!



Pathway Through Rose Beds

Please remember that we set the standards for what is acceptable in our gardens. It has come to my attention that shortcuts through some beds are sometimes used instead of walking around the end of the bed. This is, of course, "unacceptable behavior" on the part of any Docent or Volunteer and sets a "less than good" example for our visitors. So, I am asking that anyone who has fallen into this habit, to immediately cease this practice.

Lock on Supply Cabinet

It is extremely important that the lock on our supply cabinet be input from the left-hand side. When this procedure is not followed, it makes it extremely difficult for the next person to get the lock open. Also, I would like to remind you that when you lock the cabinet, it is a good practice to set the combination at 0000. This should make it much easier for the next Docent/Volunteer to open the lock.

Clair Martin, Curator

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