Thursday, October 13, 2005 -- Friends' Hall and Plant Sale Nursery

Second Thursday Free Program and Plant Sale

The topic of this presentation will be ?flower bulbs that are perfect for the California home garden.?  These bulbs have been tested in numerous gardens throughout California for their ability to perenialize and produce seasonal flowers for years and years.  All of these are proven winners and will continue to produce more, and larger, flowers annually.  In most instances, the bulbs that will be for sale will be varieties not commonly found in mass merchants or garden centers. 


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Babiana stricta
Ranunculus 'Flamenco'
Oxalis 'Grand Duchess Pink'
Oxalis 'Grand Duchess Lavender'
Oxalis 'Grand Duchess White'
Oxalis triangularis
Oxalis regnelli
Ranunculus 'Merlot'
Watsonia 'Rasberry Delight'
Oxalis brazillansis
Narcissus 'Golden Dawn'