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Second Thursday Free Lectures and Plant Sales

For over 15 years The Huntington Botanical Gardens has sponsored a free lecture series on the second Thursday of each month. Authors and garden experts from around the world present programs to help Southern California gardeners keep current on the latest and hottest trends in horticulture. Each lecture is followed by a sale in the Plant Sale Nursery. For more information contact the Plant Sale Office at: 626.405.3571 to hear a recorded message on upcoming talks.



Garden Talk & Sale: "Designing With California Native Plants" -- Thursday, September 8 -- 2:30 PM Friends' Hall

"Take everything you know about traditional horticulture and throw it out the window" is how Greg Rubin often begins his informative and entertaining presentation on successful landscaping with California native plants. Greg is the founder and owner of California's Own Native Landscape Design, and has been working with California native plants for twenty plus years. During this time he has field tested and developed a number of unique and sometimes surprising protocols. Greg will be discussing native plant communities and proper design to ensure success, weed control, fire safety using native plants, design components and plant selection.


A Plant Sale in the Nursery will follow the Program


Garden Talk & Sale: "Good But Lesser Known Bulbs for Southern California Gardens" -- Thursday, October 13 - 2:30 PM - Friends' Hall

Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Green Goddess'


Jim Threadgill, owner of Easy to Grow will be discussing some of the lesser known bulbs for our local gardens. Jim will be bring some of the bulbs he will be discussing for the plant sale.

Click here to open a gallery of bulbs that will be offered for sale

A Plant Sale in the Nursery will follow the Program



Garden Talk & Sale: "Debunking Horticultural Myths" -- Thursday, November 10 - 2:30 PM Friends' Hall

Jim Downer, is an agricultural extension officer for the state of California. In addition to working with Ventura County Master Gardeners, he has conducted research in many areas of interest to home gardeners. His program, entitled “Debunking Horticultural Myths” will reveal the truths about many pest control practices, soil amendments, and fertilizing issues. Come and hear what really works and what is mostly wishful thinking.

A Plant Sale in the Nursery will follow the Program


Garden Talk & Sale: "New Roses and Plantings in The Huntington Rose Garden" -- Thursday, December 8, 2005 - 2:30 PM - Friends' Hall

Clair Martin the Ruth B. and E. L. Shannon, Jr. Curator of the Rose and Perennial Gardens will present an illustrated program on some of the 200 new roses planted out this past year in The Huntington Rose Garden. Thanks to Meilland Star Roses and David Austin Roses the Rose Garden now has plantings of the new 'Black Baccara', 'Cherry Parfait', the 'Knock Out' series, and 'Charles Darwin' and 'The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild'. Martin will report on how these and new plantings of roses from India have faired this past long hot summer.

A Plant Sale in the Nursery will follow the Program


Fall Plant Sale: Saturday & Sunday, October 29--30 11:30 to 4:00 PM -- Jacaranda Walk

This year's Fall Plant Sale will feature many wonderful plants for Fall bloom and planting. Two sell-outs from last year which will be available again are Salvia 'Limelight' and Cassia 'Butter 'n Cream'.


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